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Port au Prince, Haiti 


Presented at the World Architecture Festival 2010 in Barcelona, Spain
Overall winner of AE Com Urban SOS Competition with $16,000 Prize
As an extension of my work with MASS Design Group in the summer of 2010, a group of fellow GSD students and I submitted Campus Catalyst to the AE Com Urban SOS competition.  We were selected as finalist and presented the proposal at the World Architecture Festival (WAF) in Barcelona in Nov. 2010 where we were named the overall winner. In response to the physical and organizational collapse of much of Haiti’s educational infrastructure, Campus Catalyst proposes to create a vocational school with a focus on building and agriculture related trades. Rather than investing in one centralized building, the campus will be dispersed in existing tent cities to serve as a catalyst for better, faster, and smarter regrowth. By providing essential services, and inserting civic infrastructure where it is most needed, the schools will empower Haitians to build back their own homes and lives while providing a framework for Port-au-Prince’s long-term development.
In collaboration with Robin Bankert, Michael Murphy, and Joseph Wilfong