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Vidigal, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 

2013 – Present

Roles: Curator, Architect/Designer, Strategic Planning, Development/Grant Writing

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Exhibited at the 2016 Venice Architecture Biennale in the Brazil Pavilion: Juntos

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Sitiê is a 8,500m 2 green public space and Institute for the Environment, Arts and Technology with community leadership and ownership. Over the past nine years, Sitiê has transformed from a 16-ton trash dump into a globally recognized innovation in urban development and sustainability [SEED Award for Excellence in Public Interest Design 2015] through the integration of the contextual intelligence of the community with highly trained expertise and the necessary resources to create green public space, reduce the risk of landslides through multi‐functional resilience infrastructure, generate green jobs, stimulate the local economy, contain disorganized growth and increase citizenship engagement.

At Sitie, our team has been focused on evolving architecture in a manner that integrates the capabilities and resources of the context with advanced design and building practices. This has resulted in new strategies and methodologies developed between architects, engineers and communities, such as in Sitiê´s Digital Agora articulation space, that delivers high quality multi-functional public space and infrastructure.